Request for renewal of qualified electronic signature

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The renewal process requires a signing service B-Trust BISS.

Insert your electronic signature in the USB port of the computer.

The electronic signature certificate has a validity of one or three years, depending on the choice you made when it was issued. You can extend your signature for another year. At the email address for correspondence you will receive reminders for 30, 15, 7, and 3 days before the expiration date. Renewal is done by submitting a renewal request . A one-year renewal fee will be charged according to the current Pricelist.

TypeRenewal for 1 year (365 days) onlineRenewal for 1 year (365 days) in our officeReissuanceE-mail
Personal QES6.00 BGN12.00 BGN6.00 BGN12.00 BGN
Professional QES48.00 BGN48.00 BGN50.40 BGN12.00 BGN

You should indicate in the request for renewal if there are any changes in the data, entered in the signature.

If the data remains the same, the signature shall be renewed by only extending its term of validity. After the renewal date, you should only enter the new term of validity of your signature on the smart card. You will receive detailed instructions how to complete this process online at your contact e-mail. If you prefer, the process can be performed in one of our offices.

If there is a change in the data, entered in the signature, it should be reissued. We will expect you in one of our offices to confirm your data and your identity and to receive the new signature.

You can submit a request for renewal on-line until the day and hour of expiration of the signature. You can also renew it at one of our offices within 30 days of its expiration, but your signature will not be active during this period. In both case, the signature will be renewed and all its attributes will be retained.

If you miss the deadlines, the validity of the signature cannot be extended and it must be reissued - the procedure is the same as when issuing a new signature.

If you are outside Bulgaria and you cannot visit one of our offices personally, you can send your representative. They should submit notarized power of attorney stamped with Apostille.