Signing service B-Trust BISS

Here you can find information about the signing service and check its operation.

BISS (Browser Independent Signing Service) is a software for signing with electronic signature when performing operations in an Internet browser.
  • You have to install and run on your PC the B-Trust BISS signing service, provided by BORICA AD.

With B-Trust BISS you can:

  • Sign content with an electronic signature upon operations in the Internet browser
  • Save on your smart card the renewed and issued by B-Trust electronic signature certificate

Most modern browsers impose restrictions on the use of Java applets or ActiveX controls, by which help was performed the process of signing content by an electronic signature in a browser.

Due to the imposed restriction, signing in a browser is possible only with the help of specialized software, such as the B-Trust BISS service.

B-Trust BISS provides operation with QES certificates for all popular browsers from the supported operating systems.
  • B-Trust BISS provides signing content for MS Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems.
  • Instructions for operation with B-Trust BISS can be downloaded from HERE

If you have still not installed B-Trust BISS:

  1. Download the installation file from HERE
  2. Run
  3. Follow the installation steps until the process is complete

If for some reason the service does not start, it must be activated manually.

  1. Run the B-Trust BISS signing service;
  2. Insert your electronic signature into the computer;
  3. Click the Check button